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100% Money Back Pass On-The-First-Try Guarantee
Exam Success Pro confidently offers the industry-best, 100% Money Back Pass On-The-First-Try Guarantee for all Exam Success Pro practice exams. Your risk of purchasing has been taken out. It is our responsibility to help you pass the exam on the first try; otherwise we'll give you a full refund for your purchase of the practice exam. Guaranteed.

100% Money-Back Pass GuaranteeIt is our responsibility to create a quality product that can help you fully prepare and pass your exam on the first try. We have made every effort to provide a total solution that contains extensive bank of challenging questions along with comprehensive explanations to completely cover all the exam objectives. The exam engine interface is designed to simulate the real exam, and score reports are provided to help you evaluate your progress. We provide customization options to allow you to test yourself in all different ways. The practice exam is integrated with the most powerful exam engine - Success Engine, which simulates the real exam and provides a variety of useful tools, including Detailed Score Reports and Historical Analyses, to let you examine and track your performance on each exam objective with fantastic chart analyses. Besides, the engine is shipped with Success Viewer (free of charge), allowing you to view, edit, and print your test results and all exam questions without paying extra money for the Printable.

You are encouraged to study our comprehensive explanation for each practice exam question until you fully understand. Also, we suggest that you practice with our practice exam until you beat the minimum passing score by 15%, in case the stress on the exam date drops your test score. If you still fail on the exam, then we will take the responsibility and give you a 100% money back for your purchase of the practice exam. We are doing so because we are so confident of our products and we believe we will always help you pass the exams that are so important to you.


If you are a registered user of Exam Success Pro practice exams, and fail the corresponding exam ONCE within 50 days of purchase, you may claim the guarantee for a full refund for your purchase of the practice exam within 7 days after your failure. All eligible returns will be prorated to reflect any sale, bundle pack, or discounted pricing. The guarantee may not be claimed more than one time per person per Exam Success Pro title.

The guarantee is not applicable to:

  • Exams taken and failed before purchase or more than 50 days after purchase, or the claim made more than 7 days after the failure
  • Free Bundle with Test Voucher

How To Claim The Guarantee

To claim the guarantee, you will have to provide a scanned copy of the original transcript. The name on the transcript should be the same as the one who had registered with our products. Please note that you will be asked to provide the registered name when you enter the license key to unlock the full practice exam. The registered name cannot be changed thereafter. Thus, you need not worry if the purchaser and the registered user are two different people.

Important Note:
(1) Exam Success Pro reserves the right to ask you to fax or mail the transcript to validate the refund if we think necessary.
(2) When claiming the guarantee, downloaded products must be deleted and all copies destroyed.

If you have any questions about our 100% Money Back Pass On-The-First-Try Guarantee, or if we couldn't help you pass your exam on the first try and you wish to claim this guarantee, please Contact Us.

You will never need to use this guarantee. Exam Success Pro is CONFIDENT !

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